International Expeditions

Storm Petrels in Portugal

This project is a unique opportunity to have an exciting time as part of a research expedition looking into the impacts of climate change on the smallest (and cutest) Atlantic seabird – the European storm petrel (“stormie” for short).

Anyone can join the project, no previous experience is needed and you are guaranteed to have an amazing time with the stormies, while enjoying the sun and the beautiful food in the south of Portugal. Click here to read the project blog and learn how to get involved!

Senegal – climate change impacts in West Africa

Djoudj National Park in Northern Senegal is an important location for migrating birds, as it is one of the first wetlands that birds encounter after crossing the Sahara Desert, which is why it is used by up to 1.5 million birds each year. With increases in global temperatures and rapid changes in weather patterns, areas like this are increasingly important for the conservation of migratory species. Working with experienced researchers and field staff, you will gain experience in many different ecological recording techniques and a variety of equipment, in continuing and developing our investigations of climate impacts on migratory birds and their African wintering grounds. After all this, a well-deserved break in the Hotel’s pool or on a boat trip is in order! Click here to read more about the project, and how to get involved.

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